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VaxSin Nation

Don’t Do It! 


Lava for them 3 Hyram Abiff & Emanuel thesinger



Born in a musical family, HYRAM ABIFF, is originally from London England. When he first came on the scene, he was called by the name “Conscious Yoot.” His most notable song was “State of Emergency,” which was lyrically advanced with lines like “unwritten laws/world tours without a pause/bringing Aids and Ebola to Africa shores/careful of vaccines resist/might be an experiment infecting you with syphilis.” He later formed a rap collective called Group Pharaohpy (G.P.) which consisted of a singer and 4 rappers, two of which were producers. G.P. broke up after 1 album and Hyram then did a solo project. “Mark of the Beast” (666) was the standout album track, a remarkable song 8 minutes in length with no chorus, spitting straight fire breaking down the enemy’s world in the number 6. 

Now based in the US, he owns his own sports training company, Coach P Sports, for boxing and soccer. He recently did a cover of Kayne West’s “Jesus Walks,” but flipped the concept to “Farrakhan Walks.”  It was well received on social media. Hyram Abiff’s new album is in the making and his first soon to be released song will be “God Has Come” which commemorates 90 yrs. of the Nation of Islam.




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